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RECAP: Jake Cornish’s first week at the Love Island villa

5:21 PM July 5, 2021

A week after Love Island 2021 returned to our screens on June 28, we revisit Jake Cornish’s first seven days in the villa.

The 24-year-old water engineer from Weston was the first boy to enter the villa, which teamed up with 21-year-old waitress Liberty Poole from Birmingham.

In the first episode, the pair seemed to be bouncing off each other. However, later on the show, Jake said that Liberty was a beautiful girl, but admitted to the boys that he didn’t feel an instant spark with her and “didn’t want to rip her clothes off”.

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR7: Ep1 on ITV2 and ITV Hub new episodes are available the following morning on BritBox Pictured: Jake.
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In Thursday’s episode, Liberty told fellow Love Island contestants Chloe Burrows, Sharon Gaffka, Kaz Kamwi and Faye Winter in the locker room that she ‘couldn’t stop smiling’ after she and Jake shared their first kiss in the beach hut.

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The next morning, in the same episode, Jake chatted with contestant Hugo Hammond in the bedroom and said that Liberty’s personality “was perfect” and that he “couldn’t fault her.”

However, he said it wasn’t “100%” with Liberty and he didn’t have the girl where he wanted to be with her all the time.

The villa saw a re-coupling on Friday where the girls chose the boys they would like to continue their journey on Love Island with. During the recoupling, Liberty said that when she first saw Jake, she said he was “a bit of her,” that he made her smile, and that he was a big personality in the family. Villa.

From Lifted EntertainmentLove Island:SR7:Ep5 on ITV2 and ITV Hub new episodes are available on

From Lifted Entertainment Love Island: SR7: Ep5 on ITV2 and ITV Hub new episodes are available the following morning on BritBox Pictured: The Islanders gather for the re-coupling.
– Credit: ITV

She added that they are “exceptionally similar” and it’s like watching the boy version of her.

Chatting with Hugo on the couch outside after Friday’s recoupment in Sunday’s episode, Jake said Liberty gave him no reason not to trust him and said things were “moving in the right direction”.

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However, he said he wasn’t sure it was because his eyes weren’t elsewhere and said his head “could still be turned”.

Jake added that he would be lying if he didn’t say so, but if a blonde with blue or green eyes walked into the villa and was ready to laugh, he would get to know her.

Tonight (Monday) new islander Rachel, from Hertfordshire, decides to team up with Brad McClelland from Northumberland or newcomer Chuggs Wallis, from Surrey.

Love Island airs at 9pm every night on ITV2 and ITV Hub.