Island villa

Ronan Keating’s son walks into Love Island villa

There’s nothing like celebrity offspring entering the the island of love villa to excite reality TV fans.

So it’s no surprise that viewers were thrilled to see Ronan Keating’s son make an appearance.

Last night (July 1) it was revealed that 23-year-old Jack Keating will be heading to Casa Amor to no doubt stir up trouble among the existing contestants.

Jack Keating joined Love Island. 1 credit

Her dad — you know, the former Boyzone singer — has since responded to the news on social media and it’s safe to say he’s excited.

Taking to Instagram, the 45-year-old star shared a video of himself on stage at a recent show where he said: “So I’ve got something I’ve wanted to share with you guys since the tour started. .

“It’s very, very exciting because my eldest son, Jack Keating, has been hiding out in Spain for the past few weeks preparing for a certain home.”

As the crowd cheered, he continued: “So if you haven’t been on social media in the last hour and a half / two hours you won’t know my boy Jack is going in the island of love.”

He then joked: “Now I don’t want you all leaving the concert now to go home and watch it, do you? Wait until the end and then you can watch it on ITV Player. “

And although he’s “very excited” for his son, Ronan admitted he “couldn’t care less”, given the trouble contestants tend to get into on the hit ITV show.

But the singer has every confidence in Jack, adding: “I’m very excited for him, he’s going to be amazing, he’s a sweetheart, he has the biggest heart in the world.

“I’m so proud of him and he’s leaving, it’s his adventure. It’s all about him and I’m just going to sit and watch the island of love.”

As for what Jack is looking for on the island, he told the show, “I really missed that spark that I didn’t have on the dating scene.”

Although he has no “shells”, as the eldest of Ronan’s sons, he is looking for someone who cares about family.

As said, Jack will enter Casa Amor – for the uninitiated, this is an alternate villa where existing male competitors are sent.

The girls, meanwhile, stay in the main house, and both groups discover a whole new set of potential suitors.

It’s designed to test existing relationships to see if people will stick with their SO or wander off with someone new.