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Sandals Foundation helps schools reopen with improved facilities

Students at two of the primary schools in the north of the island can now enjoy additional sanitary amenities thanks to the construction of handwashing stations and improved water management systems by the Sandals Foundation.

The activities, valued at more than BBD$44,000, are part of the ongoing partnership between the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International and Coca Cola Latin America to improve accessibility to safe drinking water services through its water and sanitation for schools”.

At Half Moon Fort Elementary School, students and teaching staff will now benefit from the construction of uniquely separated water stations to further enforce social distancing requirements, while at Roland Edwards Elementary School, The school’s new water stations have been completed with the installation of water tanks and pumps to ensure the uninterrupted presence of water to meet the personal hygiene needs of the establishment.

Half Moon Fort manager Ingrid Lashley said the new water stations have made a huge difference, as previous stations have proven difficult for little ones to navigate.

“With the return to private lessons and the need to maintain COVID-19 protocols, the new water stations are a welcome improvement to the school’s sanitation systems. The design allows children to wash their hands in separate cabins, as well as easier maintenance by maintenance personnel. The addition of a step also allows younger middle school students to have easier access to wash their hands.

At Roland Edwards Primary School, Principal George Francis praised the infrastructure improvements, as “the addition of the pump and new water reservoir allows for a more consistent flow of water throughout the school “.

“We support the government’s efforts to minimize risk and increase safety in schools in our region. So it was important for us to see how we can help make the process as smooth as possible,” says Heidi Clarke, executive director of the Sandals Foundation.

“These handwashing stations and sanitizing resources,” Clarke continued, “we hope they help promote best practices among students, parents, guardians and teachers, create safer spaces for our young people as they re-enter schools and to ease the anxiety of everyone involved.”

And as noted by Patrick Drake, Resort Manager at Sandals Barbados, the team continues to explore other schools to support.

“We want to make sure our children are protected. We are currently looking to work with two additional schools to bring this initiative to the South Island and are confident we can reach out to other schools in the future,” Drake said.