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‘Send-Off Party’ for Protoje and friends previews tour | Entertainment

Music lovers were treated to a magnificent melting pot of reggae and dancehall, sprinkled with a bit of Afrobeats on Monday, with toasters from the popular Jamaican contemporary reggae collective, other creative mixmasters and a dancehall number seasoned.

What was supposed to be a despedida for the main In.Digg.Nation Protoje, Lila Iké and Jesse Royal turned into a high quality mini stage show, as they not only gave themselves to the public, but received acclaim with the presence and performances of hitmakers such as Sevana, Samory-I, Beenie Man, Chi Ching Ching, Ras-I and D’Yani.

Meet and greet was the modus operandi for quite a few In.Digg.Nation fans, but their performances were the icing on the holiday cake. Female artists like Lila Iké, Sevana and Jaz Elise were seen sharing sentimental moments on stage between performances of tracks recorded on the “Rock and Groove” riddim. Offstage, the graceful presence and indomitable spirit of singers like Joby Jay and Yeza Rebel, who were present, was refreshing. Jesse Royal gave a dynamic delivery of the hit single rich forever.

Protoje has, over the years, lived up to its name as a student of local and global culture, but has become an adoptive parent and a true pioneer in supporting emerging and established artists. The guest appearances were proof of the impression he made on his colleagues. The organizers couldn’t deny powerful performers like Beenie Man, welcomed on stage by Protoje himself. The two took turns performing verses from the proclaimed King of Dancehall’s hit songs on the “Arab Attack” riddim, sending lighters flying through the air. D’Yani would then pick up a mic for Beenie Man to spontaneously drag him into a friendly clash of lyrics. It almost called for an encore as the rising star harmonized Feelingsonly for veteran deejay “she doesn’t really need a boyfriend, for a boyfriend” from his 2001 hit game partneronly to have D’Yani, the guests of honor and the whole Di Lot in the cracks.

A satisfying showcase for most people, it was all the more special to see the solidarity between Jamaica’s reggae and dancehall brotherhood, said Lindsey Lodenquai, director of New Wave, who partnered with Di Lot to organize the evening.

“I am incredibly grateful to the team, supporters and artists who came out last night to join us in creating a high energy vibe for our artists as they prepare to travel. It was almost overwhelming to see that we were able to pull over 1,000 people inside Di Lot on Monday night,” she said in an interview with the gleaner.

Di Lot’s management were also pleased with the turnout, noting that the audience, which was a mix of longtime supporters, old and new fans, as well as artists, was full of energy and made Protoje, Lila Iké and Jesse Royal “feel appreciated” before their departure.

The three artists are set to depart the island later this week to begin the ‘Lost In Time’ North American tour, which kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia on Friday, September 9 and so far takes them all the way to the start. october. The spotlight will be on reggae music as Protoje, Lila Iké and Jesse Royal perform at select premier venues and stadiums, including Webster Hall in New York; House of Blues in Boston, Massachusetts; Concord Music Hall in Chicago, Illinois; and Ventura Music Hall in California, among others.

For Di Lot’s, the New Wave concept of a “Send-Off Party” was a perfect fit, aligning with his vision of being a center for Jamaican culture and artistic expression.

“Protoje, Jesse Royal and Lila Iké are some of the biggest names in reggae right now, and as great ambassadors of our music and culture, it’s been a pleasure to bring their fans together to show them some love. before we go on tour. We have great relationships with many of our amazing Jamaican artists, [so] the reggae-dancehall community will benefit from more nights like this where we provide a platform for their talents to be showcased.

Adding that reggae music is about love and togetherness, the organizing team said the fusion of old and new reggae lends to experiences that people of all ages and walks of life can enjoy. get together and enjoy in the future.