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Short on time ? Take a day trip to the Bahamas

While in Miami, enjoy a day trip to the beautiful Bahamas and spend an adventure-filled day with top attractions.

If one is looking for a day trip to Miami, how about visiting another country for the day? Bahamas Air Tours offers day trips from Miami to the beautiful Bahamas. On the tour, one can see some of the finest beaches and attractions in the island country just off the coast of Florida.

This day trip to the Bahamas is jam-packed and includes many must-do activities for anyone visiting the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. A day trip to the Bahamas can whet the appetite and make you want to come back for more – if you’re staying longer in the Bahamas, choose between Exuma and Nassau.

What to know about day trips to the Bahamas from Florida

Bahamas Air Tours offers the world’s first day trip from Miami to the Bahamas, and it remains the only way to see this beautiful island nation in one day from the United States. The tour offers visits to Staniel Cay, swimming with pigs, and more of the Bahamas’ top attractions in one day.

  • Unique: This is the only day trip from Florida to the Bahamas

Tour departs from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in a private plane. It’s a long day, so you’ll have to start early. Check-in time for the tour is 7:00 AM with a 7:30 AM departure. The flight to the Bahamas takes about an hour and then the whirlwind tour of the Bahamas is about to begin.

  • Registration: 7:00 a.m.
  • Departure: 7:30 a.m.
  • Flight time: 1 hour from Florida to the Bahamas
  • Maximum group size: 9 people

The first stop is the Bahamas International Airport on Andros Island. This is for legal customs and immigration (don’t forget the passport). After these formalities, it’s off for a 45-minute flight to the first stopover at Staniel Cay in the Exumas.

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Day activities in the Bahamas

The first activity after arriving at Staniel Cay airport is to embark on a boat tour. The group has a local guide expected and one of them is taken for a private boat tour of Staniel Cay and the Exuma Cays.

  • Duration: About. 5 hours
  • Point: Bring plenty of sun protection

Swim with the pigs

One of the most famous attractions in the Bahamas is swimming with the pigs at Pig Beach. The tour provides food to feed the Exuma pigs and is one of the most unique activities one can enjoy.

  • Pigs: Swim with the famous pigs

James Bond Thunderball Cave Snorkeling

The Thunderball Grotto is a cave made famous as the filming location for the James Bond film thunder ball. The tour provides all the necessary equipment and snorkel vests.

  • Location: From the thunderclap of the James Bond film
  • Provided: Snorkeling equipment
  • Bathing: 50 meters (yards) of swimming to enter the cave

Tides and weather affect the cave, so this can be replaced with another snorkeling destination.

Bahamas iguanas

Another of the Bahamas’ famous attractions is its eye-catching rock iguanas. Bahamas iguanas are endangered as they have been hunted to near extinction for food. Dozens of large Bahamian iguanas will be seen feeding on the vegetation on the beach. Today, they are protected in the country.

Swim with sharks at Compass Cay

For a busy and adventurous day on the islands, you can also go swimming with the sharks. See these graceful nurse sharks that are normally harmless to people. The spot is at Compass Cay – the northernmost point of the trip.

Sunken plane wreckage

Time permitting another activity of the tour is to see a wrecked plane. It was used for drug trafficking before being abandoned on the site in the 1970s.

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What to know about booking a day trip to the Bahamas

Check with their website as some attractions may be seasonal. For those who want a private boat, this is also an upgrade option. The tour requires at least five guests in the group to operate.

  • Price per person: $849 plus $48.40 tax
  • Understand : Flights, entrance fees, boat trip, transfers in the Bahamas
  • Private visit: Private tours are available – Contact them for price
  • To note: Tour is not confirmed until a minimum group size is reached
  • Departure : Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

What better way to enjoy Miami than by taking a fun day trip to another country?