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Sonamarg ready for winter? Hoteliers urge government to guarantee facilities for tourists

Sonamarg ready for winter? Hoteliers urge government to guarantee facilities for tourists

Posted by Omar Raina Thursday, November 10, 2022

Ganderbal, November 9: J&K Hoteliers Club president Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya on Wednesday welcomed the government’s decision to keep Sonamarg open through the winter, but said preparations should be completed ahead of time.

Chaya, accompanied by various actors from the hospitality industry and transport bodies, told the media here that the government must ensure the necessary services and facilities for the smooth stay of tourists in Sonamarg.

“We are very happy that the government has decided to keep the famous tourist destination Sonamarg open for the winter. It is a welcome step. However, due to heavy snowfall, electricity, water and other needs must be met before time so that tourists who will stay in hotels here will not face any problem,” he said. declared.

The said Sonamarg is a hill station where 6 to 7 feet of snowfall is recorded due to which electricity and water supply remain affected here. “We also want Sonamarg to be a 12-month tourist destination so that young unemployed people can find jobs, but the administration should finish the preparations first. Only a few hotels here have central heating and hot water systems, while most are still without these facilities,” he said.

“There are apprehensions and hoteliers are actually worried,” Chaya said, adding that hoteliers have also announced discounts for tourists visiting Sonamarg this winter. “Now the ball is in the government’s court and it is the administration who must ensure that this tourist resort remains open.”

Every year in winter, Sonamarg remains closed to traffic due to heavy accumulations of snow and avalanches at several places along the road from Gagangeer to Sonamarg, especially in Hung. The road leading to the famous spa resort remains closed for almost three to four months in winter. However, with the progress of the construction of the Z-Morh tunnel near Gagangeer, Sonamarg could remain open this winter.