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Stolen Docksiders van drives around island as thief even fills it up with petrol – The Royal Gazette

Updated: 02 Sep 2021 08:23

A pickup truck from the Docksider Pub and Restaurant on Front Street, seen in various locations around the island after being taken early yesterday (photo provided)

The owners of a van stolen from a popular Front Street bar were left puzzled yesterday after they were spotted around the island on an eight-hour ride.

Reed Young, the owner of Docksider on Front Street, said the company’s vehicle was hard to miss.

Mr Young turned to Facebook detectives after the van was stolen just after 6am from behind the bar.

The Docksider received information about its whereabouts throughout the day from keen-eyed members of the public.

He said: “He showed up at St David’s around 8.30am. Then I got three phone calls about the van galloping through town.

The van was even spotted on Pitts Bay Road, where Mr Young lives.

He added: “I was hoping he could be sent home.”

Instead, the van was spotted at the Lindo supermarket in Devonshire.

A sighting followed at the Terceira service station on the North Bank at Smith’s, where the driver ‘took off for the East End’ after being confronted.

Alcohol was not a probable motive. Mr Young said the driver was spotted by Terceira security cameras buying two six-packs.

He also bought $30 worth of petrol for the van – which was found near Ferry Reach Park in St George’s around 2.30pm, police say.

Mr Young said the gas in the tank was a surprise – but he would welcome the return of the keys.

He added: “It’s serious, but in a way it’s really comical.

“Nobody recognized it, and I don’t think it’s damaged, but I have to have it towed now, I don’t have any keys.”

A police spokesperson asked witnesses, or anyone with information about the culprit, to contact Southside Police Station.

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