Island tour

SVG Sailing Association completes 6-island tour

The SVG Sailing Association has successfully completed a 7-week sailing program covering Petit Bordel, Blue Lagoon Marina, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau and Union Island, supported by Barefoot Yacht Charters, The Bryan Adams Foundation, Kestrel Worldwide Shipping and the SVG National Olympic Committee.

SVGSA is engaged in a program that teaches sailing skills within communities. The main objective is to have fun, but also to discover talents, whether it is to represent SVG in international competitions or to qualify for the yachting professions. It’s the 2n/a year in which the program took place.

More than 70 sailors, beginners and experienced, have participated in the camps, clinics and racing events organized by the Vincy Sailing Coaching team.

At Blue Lagoon, Mayreau and Bequia, which have established youth sailing clubs, coaches have worked to encourage better technique, help with rigging and develop new racing tactics.

For Petit Bordel, Mustique, Canouan and Union Island, it was a chance to practice basic sailing skills and it was not long before these young Vincentians were sailing the boats.

“We are continually looking for young talent that we can develop into the next international instructors, yacht crews or athletes,” said Jenny Trumble, President of the SVG Sailing Association. “It is fantastic to see the growth of the program and we will be encouraging these young sailors to continue to learn, train and compete together.”

The next SVG Sailing Association event is a fun regatta at Blue Lagoon Marina on September 10e.