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The latest lawsuit against a youth center also targets other establishments

CONCORD, NH (AP) — A New Hampshire man who spent six years in state custody as a child is suing multiple establishments alleging physical and sexual abuse.

The lawsuit filed on Tuesday is the latest of more than 400 targeting Sununu Youth Services Centre, formerly known as Youth Development Centre, in Manchester. But in this case, the defendants also include Nashua Children’s Home, Mount Prospect Academy in Plymouth and an Easter Seals establishment called Jolicoeur School in Manchester.

According to the lawsuit, the man was taken into police custody in 2009 at the age of 11 after being molested by a parent, skipping school and smoking marijuana. He claims to have been physically and verbally abused at Nashua Children’s Home, particularly after coming out as gay, and this treatment continued through his later internships.

The lawsuit accuses Mount Prospect Academy staff of giving illegal drugs to children, beating the plaintiff and locking him in solitary confinement for up to 10 days. At the Easter Seals facility, he was sexually assaulted by another resident, according to the lawsuit. And at the Youth Development Center, he alleges he was sexually assaulted by male and female staff members.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office, which represents the state, declined to comment until officials have more time to review the lawsuit. None of the other facilities responded immediately to emails seeking comment on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the Legislative Assembly approved a $100 million fund to compensate those who were abused as children at the Youth Development Center, which has been under criminal investigation since 2019. Ten of its former workers and an 11th who worked at a Concord detention center were arrested last year, and nearly 450 former residents sued the state over allegations involving more than 150 staff from 1963 to 2018.

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