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The new Love Island villa has a secret room that will never be shown

May 26, 2022, 12:20 | Updated: May 26, 2022, 7:37 PM

Series 8 of Love Island begins on June 6.

Photo: ITV

The producers of Love Island have added a secret room in the brand new villa.

the island of love Series 8 will be set in a new villa this summer, and the contestants’ new home will feature a secret room that will never be shown on camera.

The show’s executive producer has revealed that islanders will be allowed to smoke in private and their conversations will not be broadcast.

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During a Q&A with fans on Reddit, executive producer Mike Spencer said, “We have an off-camera area for smokers, although I have to say most people don’t tend to smoke anymore. to smoke !”

Laura Whitmore to Host Love Island 2022

Laura Whitmore will host Love Island 2022.

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Love Island is back for summer 2022.

Photo: ITV

He also talked about a few other changes coming, revealing that they’re getting rid of food challenges “as we know them”.

In the past, viewers have complained about watching the challenges which often involved islanders passing food and drink between their mouths before spitting them into containers.

Last year, islanders had to pass the contents of a Sunday roast to each other, which drew many complaints from viewers not only for how gross it looked, but also for the waste of food.

The islanders won

Islanders will not have to participate in food challenges this year.

Photo: ITV

Mike confirmed: “We are moving away from dietary challenges as we know them.”

the island of love begins on Monday, June 6 and the contestants have yet to be announced.

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