Island villa

The “Sims 4” player recreates the “Love Island” villa, and it’s really very impressive

Even two decades after the first game was released, The Sims franchise continues to be hugely popular, and recent updates have made the game more inclusive than ever, adding customizable pronouns.

It’s always fun creating your Sim, but my favorite part of the game has always been building and decorating my Sims’ house. I’d like to think this is something I’m decent at but a fan made me question my virtual building skills because they recreated the the island of love villa – and the result is actually quite breathtaking.

Take a look at this incredible underwater house made in The Sims 4. I wish I had that level of talent.

twitter user steph0sims took to the social media platform to share your creation. the island of love is a divisive spectacle. Either you like it or you want nothing to do with it, as the GAMINGbible team has already debated. If you don’t know, the island of love is a staple summer dating show that sees singles taken to a sunny villa to find love.

Steph0sims has faithfully recreated the Mallorcan villa on the iconic terrace, bedroom and foyer which is, of course, the setting for the series’ dramatic recoups. Check out the creation below.

Speaking about the project, steph0sims explained: “the island of love didn’t post any floor plans, so I had to work it out as I went based on the size of the rooms and furniture. Each object had to be placed individually, including all the light strips on the floor, so I ended up with 15 hours of recorded footage. Now the creator only has to fill the villa with islanders. It takes dedication to spend 15 hours on a single Sims build, but you know what, I respect that.