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Tour guides presented with blue badges

Five tour guides received qualification certificates and Manx blue badges.

The Guild of Manx Registered Tour Guides (GMRTG) is the island’s body for qualified tour guides and rewards memberships for those who have completed training and passed a series of exams.

At a ceremony held at the Department of Enterprise office, five new guides were presented with their certificates of qualification and blue badges.

A total of seven guides qualified in April, with John Barker, Dave Mackey, Janine Shimmin, Jack Verity and Mark Watterson receiving their awards at the presentation, while Trevor Gibbs and Jacqueline Yates were unable to attend but also joined the ranks of the island’s professionals. tourist guides.

The prize is awarded jointly by the department and the guild.

Minister for Enterprise Alex Allinson MHK presented the certificates and praised the guides for their hard work during their studies, and stressed the importance of professionalism in explaining all aspects of the Isle of Man such as its history and heritage, flora and fauna, landscape and biosphere, to visitors.

The blue badges themselves are a reward from the guild. New guides received badges from Guild President David Killip.

The training took place over 18 months under the guidance of tutor Andrew Foxon.