Treat yourself to the beauty of Phuket Island Tour Packages

Tourists who have indulged in a Phuket Island tour package have always returned from the experience with fond memories that will last a lifetime.

The islands around Phuket are world renowned for their unspoilt beauty. They have been the backdrop for countless movies over the years. This film exhibition has made it a major tourist attraction for visitors to Phuket.

The rugged cliffs, lush vegetation and turquoise waters surrounding the islands are utterly enchanting when you first see them up close. But a visit to the islands also gives you the chance to explore them on foot and bask on their pristine beaches. For ocean lovers, you can also snorkel in the reefs surrounding the islands or explore the islands’ many caves and hidden lagoons by sea kayak.

Prepare your day of exploration and discovery

When you join one of the Phuket Island tour packages, your day will start early. Most tour operators will pick you up by minibus from your accommodation wherever they are on Phuket Island. They will drop you off at the pier where you will be taken to the islands you have chosen to visit, then return you to your accommodation at the end of your day of adventure.

Make sure you come prepared. Prepare a bag or a small backpack with a camera, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, a towel, plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. If you visit the floating Muslim village, you should bring cash for snacks and souvenirs.

You won’t need to bring water with you as the boat will provide it, as well as juices, sodas and lunch, depending on the tour you book. For footwear, it’s best to wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, as you will be getting on and off the boat in shallow water. Waterproof sandals suitable for walking are the best choice of footwear.

Islands of Phang Nga Bay

The islands of Phang Nga Bay are mainly part of a national marine park in Thailand. Depending on the specific island, no development is allowed. This means that some of the islands are teeming with birds and wildlife to see. Macaques, gibbons, monitor lizards, turtles and other wildlife are the only full-time inhabitants of the marine park islands.

The crystal clear waters surrounding the islands are home to an abundance of colorful reef fish, anemones and hard and soft corals. The Thai government has done an excellent job of policing and maintaining the pristine quality of the islands.

Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Le, one of the Phi Phi Islands, has been closed to all tourists by authorities to allow the survival of marine life in the bay.

But there are still plenty of beautiful regions to visit and areas to explore. Indulging in a Phuket island tour package will provide you with some of your most favorite vacation memories.