Island tour

TripAdvisor named the North Shore Hawaii tour the best activity in the United States for 2022

It’s true; not just the best on Oahu or even all of Hawaii, but overall country. And it’s the best of the best according to thousands and thousands of people reviewing things on TripAdvisor.

As the third largest Hawaiian island, Oaha is home to the famous capital Honolulu. And while the nearby town and beach of Waikiki attracts the bulk of tourism, the North Shore is clearly a treat not to be missed.

Rather than renting a car to tour the North Shore, you can simply book this tour from North Shore Beach Bus who will provide you with expert advice on the history of the island and the best places to stop and explore .

The description of the tour indicates 70% of the North Shore itself and 30% of general tourist visits. Along with transportation and guided tours, you’ll have the chance to shop, swim and explore the various beaches, kayak the remarkable blue waters, and even opt to hike to a waterfall. hidden.

The 8-hour guided tour is suitable for people of all ages and groups of up to 23 people. It starts at just $139 per person, and you can add upgrades such as lunch and paddle boarding or kayaking, depending on what you want out of the trip. Many TripAdvisor reviews specifically comment on the quality of the tour guides, with comments such as “very knowledgeable”, “welcoming and fun”, and “investing in us all having a good time”.

And in case you need to see the math, TripAdvisor explains how the rankings work:

The award takes into account the quality and quantity of traveler reviews and ratings, and ranks the best accommodations, destinations, beaches, attractions, restaurants, airlines and experiences in specific categories and geographies, as rated and rated by travellers. Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best winners are among the top 1% of listings on Tripadvisor.

OK, so… do you really need more convincing? Book your visit to the Côte-Nord on TripAdvisor.