Island tour

Tsipras criticizes the government during a visit to the island

[Intime News]

SYRIZA opposition leader Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday expressed certainty that the government will not complete its four-year term.

During a visit to the islands of Rhodes and Symi, Tsipras said the government “decided to flee before the arrival of winter to avoid the consequences of a catastrophic policy for which it is responsible”.

“The sooner the elections are held, the better it will be for the country,” said the leader of the left-wing party.

Moreover, in an interview with local newspaper Rodiaki, he spoke at length about the price hike, launching a personal attack on Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

He said citizens pay for the “Mitsotakis clause”, which means “all increases and super-profits from energy producers are transferred to the consumer”.

Tsipras argued that the country has the tools and means to deal with price increases, but that major political change is needed to bring SYRIZA to power.

Tsipras also criticized Ankara’s recent belligerent statements on Greece.

“Building up rhetoric and tension and casting doubt on international treaties is ineffective and benefits no one. Whatever happens, the Greek people and Greece will defend their sovereignty and their sovereign rights, and in this all Greeks are united,” he said.