Vice President Naseem concludes visit to Raa Atoll

Vice President Faisal Naseem has concluded his tour of the six islands of Raa Atoll.

The vice-president left on Saturday morning for his visit to Raa atoll.

The first stop on his tour was the island of Inguraidhoo in Raa Atoll. Upon his arrival on the island at the start of the tour, Vice President Naseem met with members of Inguraidhoo Island Council, WDC and Heads of Island Institutes at the Inguraidhoo Council Secretariat. island.

During the meeting, Council and WDC members highlighted the relevant development needs of the island and expressed their gratitude to the administration for its efforts in the development of the island.

The meeting saw Vice President Naseem say that the President and the administration are closely following the development projects of the island and that the administration attaches great importance to the realization of these projects in accordance with the wishes of the people of the island. ‘island.

After the meeting, the vice-president visited the secretariat of the Council. He also visited the island’s health center and inquired about their services, then visited the annual Inguraidhoo School Scout Camp and met the students there.

The second stop on the Vice President’s tour was Innamaadhoo Island. The Vice President met with members of the Island Council and WDC of Innamaadhoo and was briefed on the major issues currently facing the island community.

Emphasizing that the outgoing administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih prioritizes listening to the concerns and needs of the people and carrying out development work based on the individual needs of the islands, Vice President Naseem noted that the necessary discussions will take place with the ministries concerned in order to address the concerns raised during the meeting.

During his visit to Innamaadhoo, Vice President Naseem toured the island’s health center and spoke with senior management and staff regarding their service needs.

Vice President Naseem also visited the Zone II Regional Waste Management Facility in Vandhoo, where he was briefed on the operations of the facility.

After the trip to Vandhoo, the Vice President traveled to Maakurathu Island in Raa Atoll and met with members of the Island Council and the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of the island.

During the meeting, listened to these concerns raised by members and assured that the issues will be discussed with the relevant authorities.

Additionally, he shed light on the ongoing development projects on the island and provided the latest updates on their progress.

Vice President Naseem also stressed the importance of working together for the benefit of the island community.

As part of the visit, Vice President Naseem also visited the health center on the island and interviewed the staff about their needs and requirements. He then inspected the progress of the expansion of the health center building.

The tour also saw Vice President Naseem visit Dhuvaafaru Island in Raa Atoll. During the visit, the Vice President met with Board and WDC members and held discussions on the most relevant needs of the Island community.

The meeting saw Vice President Naseem assure that the administration remains committed to working closely with island communities and ensuring that decisions reflect the needs of those communities. He then assured the Island Council and WDC members that the administration is committed to carrying out the development initiatives, adding that the administration will endeavor to find amicable solutions to the issues raised during the meeting. meeting.

The meeting was followed by a meeting with the management and staff of public offices and institutions on the island, followed by a visit to Dhuvaafaru Health Center, where he met the staff and inquired about his functioning.

During his visit to Dhuvaafaru, the Vice President also took part in the “Raa Tourism Expo 2022” award ceremony held on the island.

Standing on the podium at the event, Vice President Naseem shed light on the resilience and hard work of registered tourism sector employees over the past 50 years, expressing his sincere gratitude to them.

He then spoke of the extraordinary sacrifices made by staff in the tourism sector, especially young people, who worked away from their families. With that, VP Naseem thanked them for their valuable contributions to the development of the sector.

Vice President Naseem then attributed the success of the tourism sector to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders, despite the challenging times presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic. He also attributed the success and milestones achieved by the Maldives tourism sector to the hard work and dedication of the youth community working in the industry.

The ceremony saw the Vice President presenting prizes to the winners of the handicraft exhibition organized within the framework of the exhibition and to the recipients of the Atoll Resort Awards.

He also received a commemorative plaque of appreciation from Raa Atoll Council.

The last stop on his tour was R. Ungoofaaru. While in Ungoofaaru, the Vice President met with members of the island council, the WDC and the management of public offices and institutions on the island.

The meeting saw Vice President Naseem speak about the administration’s commitment to ensuring equitable development of all the islands. As such, the Vice President highlighted the administration’s efforts to strengthen health services across the country.

He also noted recent developments in the education sector and highlighted efforts to train directors and other staff.

Discussing the concerns raised by community leaders during the meeting, the Vice President noted that they were related to projects progressing at different stages. He also assured island officials that the administration would work to address their concerns.

After the meeting, the Vice President met with the parents of Ungoofaaru School and listened to their concerns.

The Vice President also met with the management of the Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital. The meeting saw in-depth discussions on the administration’s health sector development plans for the Raa Atoll region.

In this capacity, the meeting saw the Vice President briefing the hospital management on the administration’s plans to expand and strengthen the healthcare services provided at the hospital, including the installation of new equipment and the introduction of new services.

The Vice President also toured the facility, met staff and visited some patients. He also visited the hospital extension building project site and inspected the progress.

Vice President Naseem concluded his official visit to Raa Atoll and returned to Male on Sunday.