Visit Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s Montecito Ranch

It’s not that Brian and Jessie De Lowe don’t like sitting in a romantic natural wine bar or trying out a tasting menu in the evening. It’s just that when your home offers one of the most stylish bars in town and there’s always a guaranteed spot with your name on it, why travel?

“We like to joke that our favorite place to date is our own home,” says Brian, co-founder and president of Proper Hospitality. He is only partly joking. The couple, who have two children, will sometimes hire a babysitter just to say goodbye to their children, walk out the front door and sneak out the back, where a terracotta wall and stone bar d onyx mark the spot for the best cocktails in town.

Seeing how dreamy the whole setup is, it’s ironic that the couple never saw themselves settling in Montecito, Calif., long-term. Before the pandemic, they lived in Los Angeles, but as COVID cases started to spike, they booked it up north along the coast and rented a house for a change of pace. Then, in the fall of 2020, they had purchased and begun renovating their current one-level, four-bedroom, four-bathroom home to have a textured, streamlined Mallorcan feel, courtesy of House of Honey.

Living room with fireplace and L-shaped sofa

Living room with gray sofa

Wooden slats in an entrance

It’s not just the built-in bar that makes them never want to leave: every room (with the exception of the children’s areas) opens onto the outside, starting with the bright and airy kitchen, which has two modes of access to the great outdoors. . First there’s a huge garage door window that opens to the bar seating, then there’s a sliding glass door (both are by Architectural Ironworks) that leads to a patio, then in the backyard, where their daughters pick lemons, oranges and avocados. out of the trees. “Nine days out of 10, we’re both open all day, and that immediately makes you feel like you’re on vacation,” says Brian.

Open shelving in a kitchen with wooden cabinets

Kitchen island with garage door windows

And yet the house is also a great place for the WFH, with plenty of seating to choose from (the family usually eats on the kitchen island or in the dusty, blue-walled breakfast nook), though the dining table formal is the most popular place for a laptop session instead of a meal because, as Jessie says, “We have a nice Armadillo rug, and I don’t trust my kids yet to don’t spill.”

Living room open shelf

It’s also no surprise that the soothing wood-panelled space, filled with vintage treasures from a trip to Round Top’s antique fair, acts as a base for workshops and manifestation retreats by Jessie, The Dream Catcher. But the real zen comes in the couple’s master bathroom, where what Jessie calls a “belly-shaped” pink Concrete Nation tub and matching sinks create a serene scene. “If I come home from work and I don’t know where everyone is, I go straight to the bathroom and inevitably the three of them are in there,” Brian explains.

Bathroom with pink tub

In the adjoining master bedroom, the Portola Roman Clay paint that begins in the bathroom continues, then transitions into a paneled wall that pops against the Cultiver bedding and Anthropologie headboard. There’s also a Kelly Wearstler light fixture, a nod to lead designer Brian au Proper. (A Wearstler credenza also lives in the dining room.)

And then outside their bedroom door is another reason to ditch the kids and wander around the back of the house: a hot tub and steam sauna await you on the terrace. Or as Jessie puts it, “It’s just our own little sanctuary.”

Family hanging out in the kitchen

Kitchen with sliding glass door and garage window