Island villa

Wait, is Boris Johnson entering the Love Island villa tonight?

Huge if true.

The last episodes of Love Island have been explosive, and if some unfounded rumors on Twitter are to be believed, the villa is about to be rocked by the arrival of a blonde bombshell.

That’s right, social media is awash with the rather obvious suggestion that Boris Johnson is set to make his reality TV debut on the hugely popular competition show, and given that he’s just handed over his notice of resignation, it’s all starting to line up nicely.

The leader of the Conservative Party this morning announced he was stepping down, telling the British public he was ‘sad to be giving up the best job in the world’, and added that ‘it’s a bust’.

Full-time employment has been a long-standing hurdle for potential applicants to Love Island, with many making the difficult decision to hand in their notice before leaving for Spain. It stands to reason that Boris would be no exception and would also quit his job before landing at the villa. The show is an absolute star-maker, and he wouldn’t be the first well-known contestant to compete this year. If he joins, he’ll be following in the footsteps of Gemma Owen and Jack Keating, who showed you can join the show even if you already have a small level of fame. After all, Love Island contestants do huge things once they step off the show. We’re talking massive subscriber numbers and even lucrative brand deals with brands like I Saw It First and Pretty Little Thing.

Plus, tonight’s Love Island says it’s going to feature one of the show’s “most dramatic re-couplings,” and what could be more dramatic than the country’s prime minister stepping into the hottest reality show ever. a few hours after his resignation?

Of course, naysayers will point to Boris’ personal life as proof that he isn’t actually joining the show. As a married man, it would certainly be unusual for him to seek love. But then again, there’s so much to gain from appearing on the show that finding your soulmate becomes an afterthought. Who knows, if he applies himself like Molly-Mae to using the 24 hours of the day, his career could explode before our eyes.

Also, imagine Boris and Ekin-Su in the villa together? One is a bold, often controversial leader who isn’t afraid to share his thoughts while leading his country through tough times, and then Boris Johnson would be there too. Absolute scenes.

*For legal reasons, all of the above is clearly facetious. Obviously Boris Johnson won’t be joining the cast of Love Island anytime soon, but imagine if he did x*