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WATCH: Toby’s sister slams him on his Love Island Villa antics

Toby from Love Island is in trouble

Toby Aromolaran has come under major criticism online for his antics in the the island of love Villa.

And in a very lighthearted way, her sister Shauna made it clear that she didn’t agree with her behavior.

In a TikTok video, she mimed a popular sound in which a woman says, “That shit pissed me off for real.”

“Why are you acting like this? Can’t you see how you’re acting? Why don’t people want to be around you?

Watch the full TikTok video here:

@shauna_aroMy brothers again 🙃 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##loveisland2021 ##loveisland ##whyyouactlikethat ##weknewitwascoming ##tobyloveisland @tobyaromolaran♬ original sound – JOR JOR😖🤪

In the comments, Shauna clarified, “Guys I support him as long as he’s happy, I just hope he settles down now.”

She added: “At least he brought some drama to the villa.”

One TikToker commented: “How can a man have a sister and not know how to act towards women”

Shauna replied, “Honestly, I have the best brothers, its so respectful and fun to hang out with, remember this is a reality show.”

Another person wrote: ‘Nooooo he has a sister too. HE SHOULD KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE.

She replied, “He’s a really good person, that’s why we’re confused.”

Toby on Love Island

When Toby entered the the island of love villa, he pursued a romance with Kaz.

Then he decided he liked Chloe and wanted to get to know her better, so he dumped Kaz for Chloe.

New girl Abi arrived and Toby found they had a good connection, so he dumped Chloe for Abi.

Then he was sent to Casa Amor, where he got on well with the new daughter Mary.

He returned to find that Abi had remained faithful to him and remained celibate in the main villa.

Confused, Toby realized he still had feelings for Chloe, and that’s where we are now.

The official the island of love The Instagram account hilariously created a diagram for people to follow and understand Toby’s journey.

“The X axis is time and the Y axis is Toby’s pickle level”

SPIN House

Fifth episode of SPIN house with Clinique Laser & Peau, hosted by Tara Walsh, Marty Guilfoyle and Anton Danyluk is now available.

In the latest episode, the team discuss Casa Amor’s shock twist, Liam’s antics, Jake’s behavior and more.

Watch the full episode here:

the island of love continues tonight at 9 p.m. on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.