Will Haddrell wins round five of the Moongate Tour – The Royal Gazette

Created: Jul 05, 2022 07:58

Will Haddrell (Photograph by Lawrence Trott)

Will Haddrell battled his way to a one-stroke victory in the fifth round of the Moongate Tour at Port Royal Golf Course.

The amateur shot a 72 in the 18-hole round to edge out pros Chris Smith, Nick Jones and Camiko Smith, along with fellow amateur Adam Perry, who all finished another shot back.

The Moongate Tour still has two monthly medals on its 2022 schedule, with the top 18 single-season Order of Merit finishers qualifying for the Tour Championship in September.

Andrew Trott-Francis, co-founder of the Moongate Tour, spoke of his pride in the series’ initial success in providing local players with the opportunity to play in regular high profile events.

“For the first year of the Tour, our goal was to show proof of concept in promoting more competitive events for local players and I think we succeeded,” he said.

“Overall, we wanted to give players the opportunity to play at a high level more often and that helped fill the void of no regular tournaments. Players have been looking forward to events and the demand is there. .

“I think the Tour has provided really competitive conditions and it shows in the scores we see at every event. What’s even nicer is that it’s a developmental course, but the standard of golf is incredibly high.

“It was also great to see different winners, with amateurs as well as some professional players picking up wins.

“The amateurs have been there throughout and what the Tour has done is bring together the best players on the island, professional and amateur, and that’s great because you really don’t know who’s going to win.

“Damian Palanyandi may have won three of the events and is a slight overall favorite at the moment, but he was sixth in the last event and that shows you how competitive it is.”

Member of the Bermuda Professional Golfers AssociationJones leads the overall standings with 53 points, one ahead of amateur Palanyandi.

Haddrell’s latest victory saw him climb to third place with 35.5 points, slightly ahead of veteran pro Dwayne Pearman, with Chris Smith rounding out the top five heading into the penultimate event.

Moongate Tour

Event 5

Port Royal Golf

(a-denotes amateur)

1 Will Haddrell (a) 72

T2 Chris Smith 73

Q2 Nick Jones 73

T2 Camiko Smith 73

T2 Adam Perry (a) 73

6 Damien Palanyandi (a) 75

7 Chaka de Silva 76

T8 Roger Brangman (a) 77

T8 Matthew Smith (a) 77

T8 Scott Roy 77

T11 Scott Barnett (a) 78

T11 Andrew Trott-Francois 78

13 Makie De Souza (a) 79

14 Gordon Cox (a) 80

T15 George O’Brien (a) 81

T15 Jamie MacMillan (a) 81

T15 Michael McCrimmon 81

18 Cory DeSilva 82

19 Joshua Cabrera (a) 84

20 Steven Lambert 87

21 Marcelos Thomas (a) 88

22 Delyone Borden 89

T23 Alexander Capitillo 90

T23 Brent Giannone (a) 90

T25 Justin Watts (a) 91

T25 Junior Robinson (a) 91

27 Mackih McGowan (a) 93

28 Jason Lowe (a) 96

Julian Brassington (a) DEO