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Yoyogi Park expands to include food and sports facilities

Renovations are underway for the Updated version Yoyogi Park should be completed in 2024. On May 9, demolition began for the expansion of Yoyogi Park, which will soon span 4,000 m² plot of land in front of Yoyogi National Gymnasium and by JR Yamanote Line. Once some of the old structures are cleared, construction of new facilities will begin in the spring of 2023.

Photo: Tokyu Land Corporation

The Yoyogi Park renovation is part of a larger redevelopment project that also involves the renovation of Shinjuku’s Meiji Park, right next to the National Stadium of Japan. The massive enterprise is a joint project between the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyu Land Corporation and Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Corporation, with the aim of creating a better connection between the city and its parks.

Photo: Tokyu Land Corporation

New facilities to be built for Yoyogi Park include a skate park, jogging track, studios for activities like yoga classes, and a food hall. Rather than replacing park greenery with concrete, the new designs will see more greenery added to the area with things like vertical gardens, rooftop vegetable gardens and additional trees planted around its perimeter.

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